Stress Management

We all have moments  when we are faced by innumerable challenges (or problems) which might feel overwhelmingly huge and difficult to face at the moment which leads to what is commonly called as st ...Read More

ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

If your child has adhd , means you have to prepare urself for tantrums, mood swings, arguments, hyperactivity , etc

  1. Don’t hide from your child that they have adhd,. Sit down with t ...Read More

All you need to know about cannabis

Popularly known as

Ganja (flower)

Charas (Resin)

Bhang (seed and leaves) are different parts of the plant cannabis sa ...Read More

One of the Leading Causes of Academic Decline

"evrything he learns, next day he is blank"

"exam me kuch yaad hi nahi aata,har baar"

"he forgets his things in school almost daily,tiffin,water bottle,books,e ...Read More

How Anxiety could present

Recurrent, daily, constant, recent:- 



zyada soch, 

har time buri soch 
...Read More

What you dont know about depression

Depression is not always

A sad looking person with overgrown unkept hair,

not working,

unwilling to talk,

not sleeping,

wanting to be left alone..


I ...Read More

Chiropractic wellness centre in mumbai

We provide Mumbai's best treatment for the chiropractic and physiotherapy. We deal with patients physical and mental medications. We are here to give best treatment to our patients so that in f ...Read More

Invisible Braces

Invisible Braces

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