If your child has adhd , means you have to prepare urself for tantrums, mood swings, arguments, hyperactivity , etc

  1. Don’t hide from your child that they have adhd,. Sit down with them and explain to them about what it is, and how medication can help them.Dont make it seem like its their fault. , coz it isn’t!!Its just a brain disorder that makes it difficult for a person to concentrate and complete tasks.Tell your child that you are there to help or assist and no one needs to rant and rave .


  1. Don’t put extra pressure on your child to perform better. Adhd children sometimes do well and sometime s average or suddenly badly. Please do not keep comparing their bad and good performances., coz such children have problem with consistency. Instead tell them where they went wrong and how they can improve in those areas.



3DDon’t allow the child to get into a habit of blaming adhd for all their lows. Instead create challenges and goals thast they strive to accomplish and give rewards when the situation demands it.


  1. Be firm where you have to be  but also give them love and attention. They should not take things easy and they should knw what things should be taken seriously . Deal with them in patient n calm manner. Implement rules. Don’t punish them out of anger or frustration.



  1. Encourage them in what they are good at. It could be any art or craft or any activity not necessarily related to their school or studies. But encourage them to being out their complete potential in that thing and teach them to be consistent in it and stick to it.


  1. Never ever compare them with another child.


  1. Give them a chance to solve problems instead of offering solutions all the time. Such children flourish when independence is given to them.


ThjThe good news is that ADHD is completely treatable and you can expect atleast a good result of 60-90% with homeopathic remedies. A good qualified homeopathic practitioner will want to take your childs history, and will want to assess him or her based on constitutional case taking, counselling, diet changes and new advanced methods of homeopathic scientific research.

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