Popularly known as Ganja (flower) Charas (Resin) Bhang (seed and leaves) are different parts of the plant cannabis sativa.. In India 3.2% prevalence of cannabis consumption EFFECTS AFTER EXCESS CONSUMPTION " bahut bhookh lagti hai" " drowsy,neend bhi zyada aati hai" "dhyan nahi rehta,samjne aur behavior changes" "eyes become red" "tezz dhadkane" "muh sukh jaata hai,baar baar pyaas lagti" WITHDRAWAL:- zyada time or bahut excess consumption achaanak bandh karne se "chidchid,gussa,bechaini" "na neend , na bhookh" "ghabrahat ,udaasi" "wazan kam, bodyache, tremor" "abdo pain" SIDE EFFECTS "shakk karne lagta hai,koi mere piche hai,mujhpe nazar rakhe hai" "cheeze dikhai aur sunai dene lagi hai" "kuch pucho ya kaam bolo toh bahut time lagaata samajhne" "bhool jata hai,yaad hi nahi rehta" "pehli ki tarah dimaag kaam nahi karta,nasha nahi karne pe bhi" TREATMENT Cannabis Use Disorder.. can be treated with medications,behavior and motivational therapy. Medications manage the withdrawal symptoms and craving. Cannabis causes psychological dependence. Side effects may become permanent effects occasionally,if timely treatment is not taken..

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